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A World powered by Oil

Products Made from Oil and Natural Gas

Living in our modern world is one that has seen massive growth in the last 100 years through the rise of new inventions which has resulted in new ways of doing things and new products into our Society.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about something made from petroleum? Gasoline/Petrol, probably?. Or maybe plastic bags?.

But there are actually thousands of products made from crude oil and natural gas!

Even if you don’t drive a motor vehicle or carry your groceries home in plastic bags, you still use dozens – or even hundreds – of petroleum-based products every day and you probably don't even realise it.


Automotive based products

There’s more than gasoline/petrol in your vehicle! From the tires, mud flaps and windshield wipers outside, to the carpets, seat covers and steering wheel inside, to the oil filter, battery case and fan belt under the hood, your car is an oil and gas machine. Plus we drive on asphalt, steer clear of safety cones and slow down for temporary speed bumps, all made with oil and natural gas.

Learn more about how cars affect the environment. Next time you’re in a car, check out these products made from oil and natural gas:


Bathroom Based Products

Can you imagine smearing oil and natural gas on your face? Or in your hair? How about on your lips or under your arms? Or into your eyes? Well, you do – every time you use moisturiser, shampoo, lip balm, deodorant or contact lenses!

Here are some of the oil and natural gas products you might find in your own bathroom:


Household Based Products

From the moment you put on the coffee in the morning, until you set your alarm in the evening, you’re using oil and natural gas products at home.

How many of these oil and natural gas products do you use in your home?


Medical Based Products

Getting sick is bad. But getting sick without having oil and natural gas products to help you heal would be terrible. Hospitals rely on petroleum products to provide sterile care to their patients. Even if you just need a pill to combat a headache or hay fever, it’s oil and natural gas to the rescue!

Here are some of the oil and natural gas products that fall into the medical category:


Clothing Based Products

From your head to your toes, in rain, snow or sunshine, you could be wearing oil and gas. Fabrics and materials created from petroleum can keep you dry and warm, or when we’re talking sunglasses, very cool!

Here are some of the clothes and accessories made with oil and natural gas:


Sporting Based Products

Do you like hockey? How about a round of golf? Or a quick game of hoops? Or a day of snowboarding? Think you could enjoy any of these sports without petroleum? Think again!

Oil and natural gas is used for these and many other sports-related products:


Electronic Based Products

Restless? Pop in your ear buds and go for a run. Lost? Check your GPS. On a deadline? Fire up your tablet or laptop. Lazy? Flip through the TV channels. Adventurous? Capture your experiences on camera. Chatty? Text or call your BFF.

You’ll need petroleum products to do any of these things! In our electronic world, oil and natural gas play a central role.



Garden Based Products

Even if you don’t use chemical fertilisers or pesticides in your yard, you probably still use oil and natural gas products. When you water your garden with a hose, set out your recycling bin or pop on a pair of safety goggles to trim the hedge, you’re using petroleum products.

Here’s how oil and natural gas fit into your yard:


Fuel Based Products

When you think of what’s fuelled by oil or natural gas, you probably think of cars and trucks that run on gasoline. But some vehicles operate on diesel or even natural gas. Boats, air planes and trains also run on fuels made from oil and natural gas.

Gas barbecues and patio heaters burn propane or natural gas, and charcoal barbecues are often started with lighter fluid. Most lighters use butane.

Do you know the phrase “now you’re cooking with gas”? Well, many ovens and stoves run on natural gas. And some electrical generation plants run on natural gas. No question: oil and natural gas fuel our lives! Here are the most common fuels made from oil and natural gas:


Even More Products

What do bubble gum, board games, beach umbrellas and bullet-proof vests have in common? They are all made from oil and natural gas!

Here are some more of the many products made from petroleum:

even more

What would the World look like without oil?

Imagine if Man didn't discover this resource we call oil, imagine the wars and the fighting that would of been avoided. In an up and coming story we will look at the apparent oil crisis and the term know as "peak oil" and what that means to a society that is so reliant on this fossil fuel.


Download a partial list of the 6,000 products that are made from oil.

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