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The Elite set back by 25 years!

Since the election of Donald J Trump to the Office of United States Presidency, we have seen some major shifts happen in the world. I must admit, in the beginning I was hoping this was a sign for things to change in the way the shadow Government operated. However, it still remains a mighty force within the United States Government to which Mr Trump has not been able to get a grasp on – yet.

In saying that, I am very upset to see his position in regards to jerusalem and the movement of the US embassy. Combined with the recognition of jerusalem being the Capital of Israel. This has by all accounts just added a shit-load of fuel to an existing – out of control fire that has been burning for over 100 years since the Balfour Declaration. In the past few weeks, we have seen many Palestinians being murdered by Israeli soldiers who are firing on kids and young men who for their defence have only the ability to throw rocks.

And fair enough, one could say that is an issue for the Palestinians to over come by investing in their National Security better and provide these kids with firearms so they are able to defend against Israeli offence, BUT would that solve the problem at hand or just escalate it on both sides with resulting fatalities and families left shattered by the losses of loved ones.

So I think on behalf of the American People and the integrity of Mr Trump’s words are now a little weakened by some of these events and the American People come off as asses to the rest of the World. It’s getting to the point which is past the tipping point of this great Nation being in real danger of collapse, and the fall will be great. Much more great than that of the 1920’s or even the 80’s.

In 2015 I predicted that if the Dow Jones went past the 20,000 point mark, it would trigger a major crash that would make 2008 look tiny. Well we are in May 2018 and the last time I checked, the Dow Jones was sitting at around the 24,000 mark. So How wrong was I. But was I. I didn’t take into account the effects of a Trump President. If Clinton was elected, the system would of been dumped bigtime, to make way for the World Government that the International Elites including the Bankers wanted to bring in. When Mr Trump was elected to Office, the Dow Jones was at 18,332.74 on election day, today it is at 24,345.75 an almost 35% increase.

This was the element I never took into consideration when I made my own calculations on the market. Clinton was a sure-bet that the market was going for a dive and there were many in the circle of elites that were getting ready to cash in billions of stock options etc. However I think many lost millions because their bets never become fulfilled. Most notably affected was Mr George Soros who is reported to have lost a good chunk of a billion dollars – thought he was looking a bit worse for wear.

Reports are starting to now surface saying how Mr Trump has bought America some time to sort it’s shit out before the markets do ultimately tank. By this time, I believe many of the smart money will be in crypto-currencies. We have at the moment, institutions trying to destroy the value created in Bitcoin and other players by having “future-contracts” floating on the global markets.

The chatture I’m hearing is that the markets will continue to rise, over the next 8 years I think you will see many stocks double their current prices by at least once if not twice. Meaning, if you bought today, you are almost guaranteed to make your money back over the next 8 years. However, I believe once the Dow Jones gets to a point of around 32,000 that will be the absolute peak. Then we will see the great crash, and unfortunately it will not be isolated to just the United States, it will be global. The only thing that I can see that will stop this crash is the wide-spread of adoption of crypto-currency, with Bitcoin acting as the stabilizer to the Market – a bit like Gold once did for paper or Fiat currency.

The Blockchain technology is incredibly secure, transparent and can be utilised in a number of ways that don’t all include finance. It can be used in fields such as that of medicine, biotech, public domain, farming, equipment hiring etc. This tech can and will change the way humans interact with one another.

This is another area that has set back the Elites of this World by 25 years. If they can not work out a way to destroy this new tech or atleast control it and then manipulate it, then they know they are basically fucked. Their power comes from the fact that they currently control the financial system, and thus own your arse. By you having control over the creation and security and holding of your own wealth they can not control or manipulate it or you.

I’ve posted a video below that was an interview I came across that discusses some of the information that shows how the elite have been set-back. Please spend a moment and check it out.

So now we need to re-do our plans, take advantage of the fact we now have crypto-currencies, get involved, start to think of ways you can make a living from selling items for crypto. If you know of market places already operating in crypto then please forward those links on to us here so we can post them for everyone to use. Let’s make this happen, we can change the World and we can do it together.


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