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Thank you for having interest in Advertising on the Wake Up Homosapiens website. Although we do provide ways for people to advertise on this website we do not let everyone advertise their products or services. If we do not accept your advertisement please don't take this as being offensive, it just means we do not think it would suit our community and readers.

Do you have a Product or Service that would suit our Community?

The community and readers that visit us here at Wake Up Homosapiens are very intelligent. We are a Community of people who are awake! In saying this, we will not accept advertisements that go against our common core of beliefs. These include but are not limited to the following;

This includes ALL gambling associated services & products
This includes ALL items that would be deemed Pornography or Adult content
Internet Scams
This is a huge area that will be judge on each submission
Financial Services
This includes ALL services & products that would be deemed to be in the area of Finance, including pay-day lending.
Network Marketing
This includes ALL schemes that would be considered to be in this area
Underground Markets
This includes ALL services & products that would be considered hidden or Black Market

As you can see from the above items, we are very strict in regards to what we allow to be advertised on the Wake Up Homosapiens website. There are topics that we probably haven't highlighted but those main ones will give you an idea to what we find acceptable. If you are yourself a member of our Community - just ask yourself, "would I like to see this". If the answer is no, then you can be sure that we wouldn't like it to be shown on this website.

If however you have a product and or service that would be of a benefit to the Community please feel free to send us your information and a comprehensive description of the item you would like us to advertise. Please include as much information as possible with links to websites etc so that we can perform our own due-diligence.

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