About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting us here at Wake Up Homosapiens. Wake Up Homosapiens was set up out of frustration with the state of the world and the lack of acknowledgement that people seem to currently have. 

wakeuplogoWake Up Homosapiens is the brain child of Stubborn Bull. It has been started to share the knowledge he has gained from years of research into how the world really works, and to offer an alternative to the main stream news websites. It also serves as an avenue for writers and researchers to publish their work and receive the credit they so dearly deserve for all their years spent uncovering the hidden wealth of information that only a handful of people ever get to read or see.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to this website, please go to our contact page where you will find information detailing how you can achieve this and get your work published

The Mission of this website

Our mission is to share knowledge, create awareness and ultimately help wake up the People of the world to the common slavery, injustice of the legal system and the fraudulent financial system that currently has billions of people trapped in the modern slavery and serfdom states.

It is also a place where we will publish articles that inform and tell the truth of the things that are hidden from the Public. Political agenda's and the people who are behind these agenda's.